Lentil Soup

While cutting your vegetables, prepare your bouillon and keep it hot on the side. Cut all your vegetables in a rough way. Then in a large pot add the olive oil and the… Continue reading

Apple Compote! How easy and tasty!!

With this cold weather make your self a nice dessert with a tea and some cookies on the side. You can store apple compote up to 4 days in the fridge. Here are… Continue reading

Spinach salad and yogurt dressing

Have you ever tried this salad? Such a treat!! Spicy in a way and good to share with your loved ones! First of all wash your spinach with cold water and vinegar to… Continue reading

Endive soup! Who said endives were bitter?

Actually endives can be exquisite in soups! In fact I used to hate endives as they were super bitter and hard to eat when I was a kid! One day I wanted to… Continue reading

How to peel a tomato in just 2 steps?

Have you ever try to peel a tomato without any problems whatsoever? Making tomato juice instead of what you were suppose to do? Well here I have the right technique for you and… Continue reading

Tomato sauce

The best way to eat pasta at home it’s to make your own tomato sauce! It’s even better than the one you buy in the supermarket and of course less expensive! All you… Continue reading

Mushroom soup! Hmmm nice and creamy for the cold weather!

Yes it’s freezing outside and I have just the right recipe for you! Mushroom soup! Why buying Knor or other types of soups when you can do it yourself with fresh ingredients at… Continue reading

Blueberry tart à l’Americaine

During Summer and Fall season, Blueberries are great to cook from! Tarts are easy and so delicious! Here is one recipe I love to make at home during the cold weather! First of… Continue reading

Bloody Maria

This Cocktail is quite similar than the famous Bloody Mary but more tasty and great for curing your hangover. It is really simple and is my favorite drink that I have with my… Continue reading

French Style Apple Pie

Mmmmmm…… I love this recipe! Do it whenever you want you will never regret t! So as I said in the ingredient list please or use an homemade puff pastry or one you… Continue reading