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Tomatoes à la Provencal style!

If you love tomatoes like me you will really enjoy this recipe! Tomatoes à la Provencal are a treat to me. It is a simple dish that you can pair with some white… Continue reading

Pasta de la Mama

Yesterday I tried a recipe that I was always wondering how to make! And of course if I post it here it means it’s really simple! Homemade pasta. I thought I would need… Continue reading

Anything better than fresh baked bread?

Hmmm just out from the oven, it’s delicious. I tried for the 2nd time to bake my own bread and I can tell you it was a success. I tried a piece with… Continue reading

What is better than Organic Market?

During my travel in the South of France I went to Grasse, famous for it’s perfumes, and I came across this organic market. This stand was so perfect! From old varieties of tomatoes,… Continue reading

Financier: almond french cake!

Method: Preheat your oven at 240°C or 464°F. Work the whites with the sugar with a whisk for about 10 minutes or so. Add the flour, the almond powder and the melted butter… Continue reading

Marc Jacob to open a Cafe in Uptown New York?

As fresh as yesterday, I heard through my sources that MJ (Marc Jacob) is tempted to open his first café in Uptown New York. They believe it could be in the Lincoln Center area.… Continue reading

Red Peppers à la Jewish!

I see that the past 2 days the blog has been very international! Wonton, Jewish red peppers… Well at home I eat everything so maybe tomorrow we will have French recipes! Who knows?… Continue reading

Homemade Chicken Wonton? Yes, it’s possible!

Who said it was difficult to make chinese food at home? I recently did one of my family’s secret recipe. Chicken Homemade Wonton in a soup or just as it is…is simply delicious with… Continue reading

Back to work!

I have been away for quite sometime now and I promised to update my blog this summer. Summer is almost gone and will still post such recipes durning the following days. I am back… Continue reading