French style Couscous

Here is a simple recipe that I love to do with fresh ingredients.

French style Couscous.

The whole point of this recipe is to make  great vegetable bouillon with chicken breast if you wish so.





















If you don’t have leeks that will do. Remember this recipe is very easy.

You need to peel and cut the vegetables in pieces in a roughly way. And save them for later.

Just cut the chicken breast in long pieces and fried them in a large stew pot with a bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Make sure that the chicken is crispy enough.

When this is done:

– Pour fresh water until the top of the pot.

– Pour all the vegetables into the pot.

– Season all and leave it to boil for the next 45 minutes.


You will start to smell astonishing odors. Taste the bouillon and judge by yourself if it is tasty enough.


During the cooking process  prepare your bowl of couscous.

Place the grain into the bowl (only 1/3 until the top).

Season all.

When the bouillon is ready pour hot water into the bowl in order for the grain to absorb the water (to actually cook them). Poor the bouillon and the vegetables.


Ad of course enjoy with your loved ones!



Potato Cake!

Are you short with your budget? Are you a student and can’t afford to go out for dinner or to fill up your fridge? Well then please read this page!

To be able to cook astonishing dishes you don’t need to have a fully furnished kitchen. Just the necessary equipments are needed.

Here is a simple recipe you can do:

Potato cake very affordable and you don’t need much ingredients.

Ingredients List











When you have all this please continue as follow:

– Wash the potatoes and the zucchinis, then peel them

– Grate them into a recipient. Season all

– In a heated pan pour the oil chosen and put the potatoes and zucchinis. Make sure the peeled vegetables are placed like a cake in the pan

– Cook for few minutes and then flip over with the help of a plate. And continue until it is starting to get brown. Taste if you are not sure

– Enjoy with your loved one or by yourself!

You can keep in the fridge for a couple of days if you want to save some for later.