Saturday Brunches: the New Hot thing In NYC

Have you ever consider having brunch and partying? There are a few places you might consider for a total surprising experience during the day. Only in New York!


What a great experience! Guests can enjoy eating and dancing at the same time at some of the trendiest restaurant in New York. It has now been a year that New Yorker can enjoy to brunch in style. Restaurants are battling out to stay on the top of their game. It started by a French restaurant, which wanted to follow some of the famous French institutions in Saint Tropez such as Nikki Beach, Club 55 and Voile Rouge. Food is good, but not exceptional, it is all about the scene! DJ playing the latest hits, Barman juggling with bottles, saxophonist, and a lot of hot trendy people everywhere! It is all about the rose, the show and the scene…not too far from a summer in Saint Tropez..without the swimming suit!


The party..oh sorry I meant… the brunch starts around 2pm and can finished around 6pm and later. What a day!


Remember to book in advance tables. Meat pack district every Saturdays! Follow the “New Trend” of New York City.



409 west 13th street

New york, NY



Merkato 55 Now Close!

55 Gansevoort Street

New York, NY 10014