About me

I’ve always had the passion of cooking since I was little. Raised in the hospitality industry backround, I was 3 years old when I’ve started to get the passion of cooking.  I was checking the big pots that were prepared by the Chef of my parent’s hotel.

Through my childhood I was always in the kitchen (during my free time of course), asking the Chef what he was doing for the night menu and bothering the Pastry Chef by trying his new creations. The way I’ve learned what you will read through this blog was by my parents. Easy as that. In fact I was helping them achieving excellent dishes. I was in charge of cooking if they were not able to come home for lunch or dinner. Creation and imagination came with my evolution.

I’ve spend a lot of time a front of my fridge thinking what I could do for dinner. What could I possibly do with one potato and one tomato? Well by looking in all the kitchen  the ideas came. You start to remember what you had last time in the restaurant, what your parents were cooking and so on…

Knowing how to cook is simple like walking. It is true that creating amazing dishes that treat the taste buds with courtesy doesn’t ask for to much efforts. The knoweldge of the products, the ingredients and to know how to associate them just needs some imagination! Fresh ingredients are easy to find in any markets. The best products to use are of course organic or natural ingredients.

This Blog is simply here to help you creating amazing dishes in an easy manner and giving you the simple touch that will make the dishes astonishing.

Simply browse the different pages around my blog.

Enjoy the reading!

by Julien