Scrambled eggs with Black Truffle

Today it was  a sunny day and for Brunch I tried a new recipe: Scrambled eggs with Black Truffle. In French the correct name of the recipe is Brouillade which actually mean scrambled.

You can use fresh black truffle but in every super market you can find preserved black truffle which will be less costly.

Nowadays a kilogram or 2.2lb of truffle cost as much as $ 1 307.

First break your eggs in a bowl and beat them as if you would make an omelette. Season to taste.

Start heating your water bath.

When heated place your eggs and allow them to set slightly. Let them solidify but not too much as you want them creamy. Put aside.

In an other pan place your butter, your black truffle (slice the truffle thinly), salt and black pepper. Save some “truffle chips” for decoration.

When the butter is melted, add the cream and let it boiled for fe seconds only.

Add it to the eggs and continue mixing.

Pour the mixture in 2 bowls, place the “truffle chips” for decoration.

Serve the “Brouillade” with some toast if desired.